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Now I know what the swirling clouds are.

If you are here then you know me personally. Lucky you. This is all pretty simple, but let’s make it complicated.


● Register for my forum using your email address and a password. This is required. It’s just how it works, okay?

○ You do not need to read anything further on this page. It is all stupid.

○ Your password is encrypted, and is NOT viewable by anyone.

○ Your e-mail address is only visible to me, and only if I go snooping for it.

○ Your posts are viewable to any other user with access to the section you post in. All users will be confirmed friends, family, and co-workers of mine, so they are pretty safe. I keep pleasant company. I will also categorize and set perms.

○ I will NEVER share, sell, or leak your e-mail address or personal info. I will never send you spam. I’m not Facebook.

○ If you want to advertise or post personal ads I don’t mind. I love you.

○ My site is secure.

● Don’t make fun of me for using WP, damn it. I just wanted a simple website, and my Dreamweaver is outdated. …look, it was just faster, okay?